Wednesday, August 10, 2022

the test and fast track

Last Tuesday morning, within the 72 hours before my flight back to Japan, I took the test I was dreading…The PCR

BFF W, was nice to bring me down to the airport where they are administering the test from 9:00-17:00, and wait for me.

After scanning my pre-registered QR code and checking my passport, I was given my test kit and instructed to the area where the test was done.

The guy administering the test asked if I had done this before, since I had not, he explained that I would be performing the test, all he would do would tell me was if I needed to put the swab further up my nose…eep!

He watched and counted 15 seconds as I swirled the swab around one nostril then 15 seconds on the other side and then it was over.

My results were supposed to be ready anywhere between 6 to 8 hours…so it freaked me out when the results came 5 hours later!


talk about stress!

After I got the test results back, I started to fill out the items needed to get the "Fast Track" on the app for the Japanese government, MySOS.

You need to get the information sent to them 6 hours before your arrival in order to use the "Fast Track" (to smoothly go through without having to wait or show documents).

The screen starts out RED, this means you have not completed all the different data they need.

After filling out the Questionnaire, Pledge, Vaccination Record and PCR results, the screen will turn GREEN.

This means that they are reviewing your data.

If your data is accepted, the screen will turn BLUE.

According to the app instructions, if your screen is YELLOW there is some data that still needs to be reviewed.

If your screen is still RED, there was some kind of problem, maybe some info is missing.

NOTES: When you arrive in Japan, log in to the airport Wi-Fi so you can show them your info.

If possible, you should try to have hard copies of the PCR test results and vaccine record, just in case!

When you get to the Fast Track area, they will scan the QR code from the app as well as check your passport.

And they will give you this blue paper to give to the immigration agent.

Before getting to immigration, you will need to pass the Quarantine Desk, I think they are also taking your thermal temperature here, this is where you will receive the "red check" mark on your blue paper.

Then you'll go through Immigration and then go to get your baggage.

NOTES: I saw a lot of people trying to send their data to Japan before take off in Hawaii. If possible have it sent before checking in at the airport.

Also it was so weird, when we landed in Japan we had to walk to Immigration from our gate showing our blue screen to various agents, for what seemed like nearly the length of Haneda's Terminal 3, passing other foreigners/nationals with blue screens walking in the opposite direction.

All in all it was relatively fast, once you made it to Immigration (except my bags took forever to come out!)

On Sunday, two days after arriving in Japan, My SOS sent a message “thank you for your cooperation” which I couldn’t get a screenshot of, then when I opened the app, all of the data I had sent them, was gone, so I deleted the app.

I have a green card in Japan so I can’t say if the process will be the same for visitors, or others living in Japan with a different visa, but wanted to share my experience in hopes that it may be of help to others.


Anonymous said...

glad everything went so smoothly for you. It sure seems like such an effort! I'm getting worried about November. I hope they open completely by then.

KirkK said...

Glad you made it back Kat!

Anonymous said...

I tell you, travel is not the same and I wonder if it ever will be. Happy to hear yours went well but what an experience.
In spite all of that we can't wait to return to Japan.
Thanks for sharing the journey.
Bonny from OGG

K and S said...

I hope they will open up by then too V!

me too Kirk!

I hope you will be able to travel soon Bonny!

Take care everyone.

jalna said...

Sorry, I got lost in the process. ☹️

Junichi said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm traveling to Japan in October and this info was very useful. I'll be in for a shock when I go from nobody wearing masks in San Diego to masks everywhere.

K and S said...

Sorry Jalna, hopefully you won't have to do this when you visit.

Junichi, hoping you won't have to do any of this in October.

Take care you two.