Friday, August 26, 2022

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My host-sister recently went to Okinawa and sent us some omiyage...instant curry, chocolates and andagi…Thank you!

We appreciate her sharing her trip to Okinawa with us and hope she had a nice summer.
Hello Kitty taiyaki filled with chocolate cream...too cute!

RANT/culture shock: Over the years I’ve told you about the non-customer service of banks in Japan.

Well, I have one more experience to add… they do not exchange money anymore! (please note that on your directory in the lobby!)  

I can understand if the branch couldn't do it but the whole bank group as well as other banks have stopped exchanging money.

I was told to either go to the airport or a duty free store....sigh 

You may have heard that Japan is thinking to open up (a little) in September...getting rid of the PCR test before boarding a flight to Japan (for those vaccinated at least 3 times), letting 50,000 people and tour groups without a guide (with a detailed itinerary as well as contact info) come into the country per day.

Not sure if that means individual tourists will be allowed, but at least it sounds like a start.

My only peeve is I wish they would hurry up with our 4th vaccine (booster), especially since all the hospitals around Japan are almost to full capacity.

Though there is talk of the "merge vaccine" (the one that can treat the omicron and the original coronavirus) to be given in October...which means we'll probably receive that one sometime next year...

Update on the reno: they gave everyone a bag with door locks for our sliding doors and a (HUGE) plastic bag to put our screen doors into...and we have to store the screen doors inside our apartments! I'm not sure WHERE we will put the 3 screen doors since we already have the plants inside...

As for the locks for our sliding doors, we already have been using something similar, you know after the break-in...can't believe it was 15 years ago (don't mind the dust! in the photo).

Sad seeing all these old buildings getting torn down in our this whole block!

Tokyo People...this grandpa, walking with great posture.

Tokyo's daily case count is still in the 20,000 range...I think the total case count for Japan was 150,000?! or something like that.

Stay safe and have a nice weekend.


jenny said...

I'm waiting for the "merge" vaccine too, hoping to get it when it rolls out. It still baffles my mind that Japan is so behind on the vaccines for you folks - I would never have guessed Japan to fall behind on that! Hope you folks are staying safe...

And I'm sad to see those older buildings go too - those buildings hold all the charm!!!

K and S said...

Thanks Jenny, I hope you will be able to get that "merge" vaccine when it is available to you. We are trying our best to stay safe, though Satoshi is going to work, so I hope he'll get his 4th vaccine soon.

Take care!

Rowena said...

great post, Hello Kitty always rules! I'm shocked to hear about the non-service in Japan's banks. I thought Italy was bad (we've now moved to online banking that has much much lower fees).

I wish this omicron nonsense would go away already because I don't foresee a 4th vaccine for either of us.

jalna said...

Nice omiyage! And three screen doors INSIDE your place!! Wow.

jenny said...

I must be out of touch, Satoshi going to work? I thought he retired?? He decided to start work again??

K and S said...

Rowena, I am wondering what other foreigners are doing especially when they need to exchange monies.

Jalna, not sure where to put them...hopefully it won't be for too long either.

Jenny, I guess you missed that post, he started a new job in April.

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

We're waiting until next month for our second booster Kat. It'll handle omicron....though I'm sure by winter we'll have another variant.

K and S said...

It sounds like this will never be contained Kirk, so sad.

Take care.