Wednesday, November 30, 2022

tokyo tower

After dinner, we said goodbye to V and A and they took a taxi back to their hotel.

As we made our way to the train station, we went to check out the line to go up to the Observation Deck at Tokyo Tower.

In the past, the lines were krazy so I had never been up there (at least I don’t remember ever going up there)

This time around the lines were manageable, so we paid our 1200 yen per person and went up to explore.

All sorts of sights
Reflections of Tokyo Tower in the surrounding buildings

Lamborghini Countach convoy...

And then we checked out Mannekin Pis before boarding the train.

Foreigners were out and about, thankfully it was not as krazy crowded as before the pandemic.



Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I've never been up there too. I heard there is a restaurant and a viewing platform but always crowded, like the Skytree.
Glad you were able to go!

K and S said...

V, we should go next time you are here :) Mount Fuji should be easy to see.

Take care.