Thursday, June 14, 2012

le noued papillon

lenouedpapillon I had been wanting to bring Satoshi to Le Noued Papillon ever since I had eaten there with my French class.

Well, yesterday, I got the chance to bring him here for a belated birthday lunch.

lenouedpapillon (2) Our meals started off with a slice of pate campagne & a tiny octopus simmered in a tomato sauce....mmm!

For my main, I chose the coq au vin (chicken simmered in red wine). It was my first time trying this dish and it was delicious. The sauce was quite rich.

lenouedpapillon (3) Satoshi, not a fan of chicken, went with the eggplant & pork moussaka, I don't think this dish is "French" but it sure was tasty.

lenouedpapillon (4) Our meals came with a drink of choice, and we both chose a glass of red wine.

lenouedpapillon (5) And to finish, tiny profiteroles...perfect ending to a great meal.

Satoshi said he enjoyed the food, and I'm glad I was able to bring him here...we'll be back.

Le Noeud Papillon
1-5-7 Azuchimachi
Chuo, Osaka
PHone: 06.6262.0123


Rowena... said...

You had me at the pate...we ate SO MUCH of that stuff last week! Thank god for french food!

K said...

Everything looks great, especially the dessert!

K and S said...

can't wait to see all the ono stuff you guys had Rowena!

Thanks K, it was a great day!

Take care you two.