Saturday, June 30, 2012

nuuanu okazuya

You know, if I walk into your establishment, look over the foods you are selling and a sign catches my eye, namely..."oki-dog".

Don't get all grouchy and give me 'tude because I order it...

If you don't have all the ingredients that day, put a sign over "that sign" ...

But no-o-o, you didn't, so I ordered it!

I'll give you half-props because it was delicious, a little too heavy on the garlic in your chili and oki-dogs usually have okinawan shoyu pork in them, but it was still good.

Instead of ending this post on a bad note, what I will rave about is your sweet beet namasu, super crunchy and more sweet-sour!

I'd definitely come back for this.

Nuuanu Okazuya
1351 Nuuanu Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.533.6169
Mondays-Fridays 5:00-13:00, Saturdays 5:30-14:00, Sundays 7:00-13:00


jalna said...

Hahahahaha!! Sorry for laughing, but your vent is funny! And very cathartic.

G said...

Holy Smokes, I've had very similar experiences there as well which is why I don't go there anymore. Unless they know you they give customers a lot of attitude as if you're interrupting something extremely important that makes your order completely inconsequential.

You're a better person than I am that you would consider going back for a dish because it was good.

K and S said...

glad I made you laugh Jalna :)

Thanks G!

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

Seriously?? Sorry to hear of such "tude". Unfortunately the world is full of back-a**wards people.

K and S said...

so true Rowena :0

Take care.