Wednesday, June 20, 2012

pho five-o

It was the last day my brother would be in town, so we had lunch at somewhere he wanted to check out...Pho Five-O.

My mom went with the fried noodles with seafood...this had more veggies than seafood, in my opinion, but she enjoyed it.

My brother chose a vermicelli with a spring roll and barbecue meat, this looked tasty. (sorry no photo)

And I went with the short ribs and rice...this was a bit on the fatty side, but the meat was pretty tender.

We enjoyed their food and want to try their take-out.

Pho Five-O
98-202 Kamehameha Hwy.
Aiea, Hawaii
Phone: 808.487.5091


genkitummy said...

The food looks tasty. The fried noodles looks like the fried noodles they sell on the mainland. They deep-fry all the noodles and then pour a sauce over th noodles to soften them.

jalna said...

Looks like it's right on the way home from the swap meet. I'll see if I can convince my sisters to go try it out.

K and S said...

I was surprised at these noodles Genki :) it was a good thing they had that sauce to soften them.

Hope you guys like it Jalna :)

Take care you two.

Dennis K. said...

Always enjoy your posts from Hawaii!

Rowena said...

I love their name! How cool is that? Hoping that you'll have a star sighting (oooh...Alex O'Loughlin!) if they're shooting right now, but look forward to take-out at this place.

K and S said...

aw thanks Dennis!

you know, I saw Daniel Dae Kim the last time I was home Rowena. That was pretty cool :)

Take care you two.

K said...

Oh my, these are like some of my favorites all in one post haha!

K and S said...

lol glad you enjoyed this too K :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Fun name. ;-)

K and S said...

indeed Deb :)

Take care.