Saturday, December 29, 2012

10 photos

10 photos of food that I've tried making for the 1st time...

Ninjin shirishiri, this Okinawan dish is simple to make and I also like the version with ra-yu (chili oil) in it.

Mango Chutney, despite it being opened by TSA on the ride back from Hawaii, making this was a nice experience.

Chinese style Boiled Peanuts. I found out my family likes their boiled peanuts on the raw side, just like me...yummy!

Baked Furikake Sweet Potatoes, a great recipe from the "Peko Peko Charity Cookbook". I loved how simple and delicious this dish was, plus the cookbook was a nice way to help the people in Tohoku.

Nasu Kabayaki Donburi a simple and delicous way to get the texture of unagi (eel) without all the calories.

Oven Baked Shoyu Chicken, reconnecting with this was delicious!

Spice Kaki Jam, it was nice trying something different with kaki (persimmon).

Pho Bo, it was fun trying to make this from scratch.

Karniyarik, this recipe was easy to put together and really delicious.

The stuffing was really nice on warm baguette.

Yaki Kuri Gohan, despite all the stress peeling them, this dish was delicious.

There were a lot of delicious memories this year, I hope 2013 will bring even more new experiences in the kitchen.


KirkK said...

I kinda of did a double take when I saw the date of this post Kat! I keep forgetting the date/time difference from where I'm at!

K said...

What a delicious roundup!

K and S said...

yeah we're in the "future" Kirk :)

Thanks K!

Take care you two.