Monday, December 10, 2012


The other night we tried a place called Chanto, an izakaya (bar/pub).

There were quite a number of groups having their Christmas parties there, so it was quite lively.

One thing we tried was their maguro avocado yukke-hoe, that yellow thing on top is supposed to be a runny egg yolk, but it was a bit overdone, so it didn't really match with the maguro and avocado.

We ended up leaving the egg yolk on the side and eating everything else.

The other thing we tried was this ball of kim chee.

It was filled with all sorts of seafood bits and some radish sprouts.

It is pretty impressive when it comes to the table, then the waitress takes kitchen shears and cuts it into fourths.

There were other items we tried and we thought the food here was nice but a bit overpriced.

And because it is a bar/pub, smoking is allowed, the group of men that were seated next to us decided to smoke before their meal arrived (which was in the midst of ours) and also decided to blow their smoke our way, well, until I gave them "the evil eye".

I really wish they would ban smoking in this country.

Anyway, we probably won't go back here (unless they lower their prices or do away with the smoking (and I don't think either will happen anytime soon)).

Herbis Plaza B2
Phone: 06.6343.7116


Helen said...

I hear you on the doing away with smoking. I've recently become asthmatic and dining out is a real worry for me. Family restaurants aren't bad now as they have non-smoking sections, but anything upscale usually still allows smoking. Sigh.

K said...

Ugh, I can't even imagine eating in a smoking restaurant these days!

K and S said...

sorry to hear about your asthma, Helen, that must be really rough!

I know, K!

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

Yuck! Nothing worse than cigarette smoke at a meal. I can only imagine how glad you were to get out of there.

jalna said...

Hahahaha, you must have da-kine strong evil eye!!! I noticed the yolks in Japan eggs are more orange yah? I ate a dish once long time ago in Japan where you take your hot cooked meat and dunk it raw egg before you eat it. I was really hesitant, but didn't wanna appear rude in front of our host. It was soooo good!!!

K and S said...

oh yeah, Rowena!

I think you are talking about sukiyaki, Jalna, you dunk your food into raw egg before eating.

Take care you two!

KirkK said...

Too bad about the smoking, that can really ruin your meal. That yukke truly deserved the drippy egg treament.....

K and S said...

I agree about the oozy egg, Kirk!

Take care.