Thursday, December 27, 2012


Most weekdays, you won't find housewives out eating ramen.

Nope, they're usually at caf├ęs, lunching with friends or eating alone there.

Ramen shops during the weekdays are usually for the "salarymen" (business men), where they can grab a fast meal.

Well, yesterday, I was out on my morning walk, there were some flurries, and what I had envisioned having for lunch was then substituted by the craving for something warm, soupy, noodle-y...ramen.

I walked into Makoto-ya, the place was empty and the guys working the shop were kinda stunned. They didn't know quite where to seat me...okay...

After ordering, my ramen came out quite quickly and I started eating (well, after I photographed it)

The type of ramen I ordered was called "tori-jan" (shoyu based chicken broth)...590 yen.

The soup was really nice, a little hint of ginger.

I ordered my noodles on the stiffer side, I tend to take a long time eating hot foods, not wanting to burn my tongue, so the stiffer the noodle, the longer I have to eat it without it getting soft and mushy.

There was lots of hakusai (chinese cabbage) which was nice.

When I stood up to pay, I was surprised at how many seats had filled up with "men", besides the waitress, I was the only female....

It was my first time to eat by myself at a ramen place and now that I've been "initiated", the next time, I don't think I'll hesitate to go in and have a bowl.

1-8-2 Makiochi
Minoo, Osaka
Phone: 072.723.2870
Open from 11:00-24:00


Dennis K. said...

That looks like a great looking bowl! Love the color of the yolks (and shoyu broth).

A said...

I had a similar experience, too. When I was 19 and on my way to visit China by myself, I think I took JAL and I spent a night in Narita. I took the free shuttle bus to a place with a supermarket, and walked past a ramen shop filled with men eating ramen, who paused to stare at me staring at them. lol. I wanted to eat ramen too, but they made me really shy for some reason. And I'm from NYC, so I'm not usually shy! Next time, I'll go in, just like you!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Haha! As I get older I have thicker skin and I wonder if I have guts to go to salarymen diners/restaurants and eat alone. My guess is that I could, as long as the food is good (to occupy me!). :)

Kathy YL Chan said...

Interesting! Especially because a girl have a solo bowl of ramen is totally "normal" in NYC (and Hawai'i too, I think :)

K and S said...

Dennis, orangey, yeah?! :)

I hope you will to A :)

lol Nami :)

never tried in Hawaii (yet), Kathy :)

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

Like Dennis, I can't help but admire the eggs...... Looks very nice for a cold day!

K said...

Yum, ramen is great for this weather - I could eat it every day in winter haha.

jalna said...

Good for you Kat!! That ramen sure looks ono!

K and S said...

very nice for a cold day Kirk :)

lol K :)

Thanks Jalna :)

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

You've got nerve Kat. I don't think I would've been that brave, but then japanese suits are probably more conservative than flirtatious athletic cyclists I meet when I walk the dogs.

K and S said...

if you come visit Rowena, we can go eat ramen together for sure :)

Take care.