Friday, December 28, 2012

foodie tuesday

Got together with Tamakikat for lunch on Christmas Day.

The last time we got together in Kyoto, so this time, she was nice enough to come to Osaka.

Lunch was at Cante Cante, a relative of Cante Grande. I chose the eggplant curry.

One thing whenever you order curry in Japan, most times there isn't much "stuff", just lots of "sauce".

Despite this, their curry was delicious, nice kick to it.

After some shopping, we then had coffee/tea at Cacao Sampaka, I tried their macarons, the outside was chocolate which was chewy like a brownie, and the filling was supposed to be green tea, but it didn't really have much green tea flavor.

The weather was overcast, the wind was icy, but it was great getting together with Tamakikat and catching up with her.


K said...

Mmm, the curry looks good! Also what a tiny macaron!

KirkK said...

That's a macaroon??? Man, it's teensy! The curry looks very thick and hearty.

K and S said...

teeny indeed, K!

very teeny Kirk, the curry wasn't thick but delicious all the same :)

Take care you two.