Friday, December 07, 2012

things I'm liking

Wednesday night, the winds were crazy! I woke up in the middle of the night to take my plants off of the air conditioner (where they are) so they wouldn't get tossed about.

The weather dude says that the winds were caused by "bomb cyclones"?! WT?! Anyway, at least the plants are okay...

Today's post is on some things I'm liking at the moment...Baru's Chocolate chai latte & figurines...the tiny figurines are chocolate (alphabet letters, cupcakes, just to name a few)...just add some of this mix to some hot milk.

It is a bit on the sweet side if you follow the directions, so I usually add in some coffee, which makes it just right.

Raincoast Crisps, the one on the left is their fig-olive and the one on the right is their cranberry-hazelnut.

Both are delicious, but my favorite is the cranberry one.

You can eat it with cheese, meats or dips, but we like them just "as is".

Lotus' speculoos biscuits coated with of both worlds!

Found some boiled peanuts at Kaldi (a gourmet shop), they are slightly raw, just the way I like them.

These are boiled in some shoyu, the flavor is quite light.

Best part, they are already peeled!

Saw this in the market recently...chocolate condensed milk!

Had to try it with Vietnamese coffee...yummy!

What are you enjoying these days?

It's Friday here, hope you have a great weekend!


Kathy YL Chan said...

Mmm I love raincoast crisps!! And the chai latte with chocolate figurines look so cute ^_^

KirkK said...

Bomb cyclone? That really sounds dangerous.....

K said...

Mmm, speculoos!!

genkitummy said...

ooo...all those items look interesting! I'm intrigued by the chocolate condensed milk.

K and S said...

I bought both from Dean & Deluca Japan, Kathy, maybe you can find the chai latte at your D&D in NYC :)

apparently the US coined that term, Kirk, was pretty scary, lots of people with broken windows and stuff.

mmm indeed, K :)

I hope someone will come up with it in the US for you Genki :)

Take care everyone!

Myra said...

So the figurines are chocolate that you randomly find mixed in the chai latte mix? Love it.

Glad to hear your plants weren't affected by the bomb cyclones!

K and S said...

yes Myra, the figurines are chocolate :) I'm glad my plants didn't get blown away too!

Take care.

Rowena said...

I still had some sleep in my eyes when I read this and at first I thought you took your PANTS OFF and I'm like, WHAAAA?

Yes it is Friday and I am just grateful that my internet is functioning (the other day they really messed up BIG and MotH's workplace had none for atleast an hour!).

K and S said...

lol Rowena...feel bad for MoTH though must be rough trying to get his job done.

Take care!

Sarah said...

Hi Kat,
I'm in Osaka and Kyoto for another few days on my Japan trip, could you let me know where dean & deluca is? I want to check it out.
Is it usually this cold in autumn??

K and S said...

Hi Sarah, there is one in Daimaru Kobe, but I think it may be really small. The D&D I ordered from is in Tokyo.

Take care.

Mariko said...

Waaaaaait a second. You're saying that speculoos biscuits come with CHOCOLATE too? I have never seen these. I feel like my whole life has been a lie.

I love chai. So so much. It would be amazing with chocolate too.

K and S said...

yup there is a chocolate version, Mariko :) hope you can find it where you are, if not, just dip the ones you have in some chocolate!

Take care.