Friday, September 12, 2014

campbell early

We recently tried a grape called "Campbell Early".

The skins are dark purple and quite bitter and there are also seeds.

The size of the orbs are bigger than Delaware, oblong shaped and are a little tart.

I'm glad we got to try this variety.

It's Friday and we have a 3-day weekend, hope your weekend is a good one!


Paz said...

How very interesting. Never heard of this type of grape before.

K said...

They do look huge!

K and S said...

if you see it where you are Paz, it may be fun to try :)

definitely not as large as kyoho, K, but bigger than Delaware:)

Take care you two!

Rowena said...

Were those flown in or does Japan also grow varieties of grapes?

K and S said...

these were grown here Rowena, but the plant is apparently from America.

Take care.