Friday, September 26, 2014

shoyu butter corn yakionigiri

I am always influenced by what I see on tv, especially when it comes to food.

Satoshi and I watch a show called "Sarameshi" which is short for "salarymen (businessmen) meshi (food)".

Anyway, the show airs at 11-ish at night and boy, do they make us hungry!

On a recent episode they featured this...shoyu butter corn yakionigiri.

Corn cooked in shoyu and butter is a well-known winner in Japan, but to add it to rice...brilliant!

We had to try this.

After cleaning your corn, remove the kernels carefully from the cob with a knife.

Then add the corn kernels and cob to the rice and cook.

All the corn "goodness" will come out from the cob and flavor the rice.

Remove the cob from the pot and mix the rice.

Carefully make your onigiri.

Then take some butter and some shoyu and fry. Flip once or twice carefully with a spatula.

You'll get some burnt areas, but that's the best parts!

No real recipe for this...I used 2 cups of rice and 2 cups of water. 1 corn on the cob.

A nub of butter and 1 teaspoon of shoyu.

NOTES: The fresh corn is cooked perfectly with the rice and is still quite crisp after it cooks. The sweetness from the corn matches perfectly with the saltiness of the butter and shoyu. I'll have to make this again next summer when corn is in season.

Have a nice weekend!


jalna said...

OMG, that looks so good!

Marie said...

Sounds so, so good!!

K and S said...

so good Jalna :)

it was Marie :)

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

Haha, you and me both! The power of the tube - I want to make this. My fave food show is Masterchef Australia and this french guy Fred Chesneau (of the show Le Globe-cooker). I can't wait til Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" goes on air too.

K said...

This looks delicious! I watch this show too, via NHK World - it's called "Lunch On!" here :o)

KirkK said...

The sounds good those charred bits the best too.

K and S said...

I wish they brought Bourdain's shows here Rowena!

That show is so much fun to watch K! even though it makes me hungry, lol.

so good Kirk!

Take care everyone!