Sunday, September 07, 2014


The Japanese word for fig is "ichijiku".

There was a nice container of figs that was just picked that morning (asadori) at a little fruit stand...500 yen.


Only problem was that they were really ripe.

The weather has been so humid that I had to cut off the mold that began to form on them later that day.

I also put them in the fridge.

We've been enjoying this on yogurt, with granola and almond milk, on french toast and also with bleu cheese.

What are you enjoying these days?


Rowena said...

Wow! That is some humidity to be able to start mold on those figs so quickly. Stay cool!

K said...

What a good deal!

K and S said...

sitting in front of the a/c, Rowena!

indeed K!

Take care you two:)