Thursday, September 18, 2014

niku bar mooh

There is a bar that opened rather recently near our train station called Niku Bar Mooh (which literally translates to Meat Bar Moo)

Most of the items on their menu starts from 500 yen.

They don't have a large beer selection, mostly cocktails.

Meals start off with their tsukidashi (amuse bouche) which on this day was a sliced duck and thinly sliced onion with a vinaigrette...648 for two servings.

We ordered their caesar salad, this comes with a poached egg on top...626 yen.

Ratatouille, this also comes with a poached egg...626 yen.

Shrimp and button mushroom ajillo. Shrimp and button mushrooms come out boiling in this garlic olive oil "soup"...842 yen.

They serve it with 4 slices of baguette...up the bread slices please!

Sausages with the bone in.

Must've been chicken because that was what bone was used...626 yen, you need to rest the steak before cutting and also, maybe not serve it so rare.

Turned all the fries underneath an unappetizing red. 150 grams for 1620 yen.

With drinks, our total was 6554 yen (tax included). Not bad with drinks, but the steak really turned me off.

Would I go back here? Probably not.

Still, I'm glad we tried them.

Niku Bar Mooh
2-1-10 Ishibashi
Ikeda, Osaka
Phone: 072.760.5539
Hours: 17:30-24:30
Closed Mondays


Rowena said...

Bloody red-stained fries and only 4 slices of baguette -- accch! I just can't see how that was worth 6554 yen.

K and S said...

we're definitely not going back there, Rowena!

Take care!

K said...

Looks good for the most part - I have a question though, isn't an Amuse usually free/included with the meal? Are you required to get it when you're ordering your meal?

jalna said...

Bloody fries . . . ewwwww.

KirkK said...

Boo on the Moo Kat!

K and S said...

most bars and some restaurants in Japan serve this type of amuse and charge you for it, K, a lot of foreigners, myself included, get offended for having to pay for something they didn't order.

eww indeed Jalna!

love your comment Kirk!

Take care everyone!

Rowena said...

re: K's comment - it reminds me of the custom restaurants in Portugal. They bring out a plate of nibbles and you pay for them if you eat them. Hearing that you had to pay for the amuse bouche is a total surprise. I would never have known.

K and S said...

when you come to Japan Rowena, just remember "tsukidashi", and you won't be alarmed when you see it on the bill.

Take care!