Monday, September 29, 2014

world craft beer tasting

Saturday the weather was beautiful and HOT!

Satoshi had a morning chat session with people from his German class, so afterwards we met up to check out the World Craft Beer Tasting.

They had many beers from the US, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, as well as some from around Japan.

If we had bought our drink tickets earlier for 3000 yen we could've gotten 6 drinks for 500 yen each. Instead we paid 2800 yen and got 5 drinks for 560 yen each.

Satoshi and I shared the first beer...Minoh's Peach Weizen. This beer was really fruity and peachy!

Perfect for the heat.

Apparently, this peach weizen was a limited edition beer, so I am glad we got to try it!

We shared this pork sausage by Taverna Entrata...600 yen.

Super hard to eat without getting messy, but I loved the snap of this.

Just like a carnival, you use scrips to purchase your beer per ticket.

Food items had to be paid with cash.

Next I tried Fifty Fifty's Darkslide IPA, this was more like a Porter or!

Satoshi tried Crew Republic's Munich Summer beer.

We shared this plate of smoked sanma (saury) and roast pork by Aggi.

We weren't sure why they served this with a dollop of wasabi. The seasonings without the wasabi were simple and the smokiness made these dishes perfectly match the different beers.

Satoshi then tried Van Eecke's Extra Dry Hopped Hommelbier 2014 while I tried Pizza Port's Ponto Session IPA.

I hadn't read the signs properly and thought I was ordering a port, so I was surprised when the server handed me a light colored IPA.

This beer was nice and fruity and it was served really cold which hit the spot since it was so hot out.

It doesn't look like a lot of people at this event, but there were and I was surprised at the amount of foreigners that were there.

This was our first time going to an event like this and we had fun.

I hope we can check out other craft beer events in the future.


Lindsay-Jean said...

Sounds like such a fun outing and nice weather too!

Rowena said...

Perfect event in the spirit of Oktoberfest - did you have a nice buzz after all that? ;-)

KirkK said...

Warm day....cold beer! A perfect match!

jalna said...


K said...

Looks like a great event!

K and S said...

it was definitely nice weather LJ!

indeed Rowena :)

so true Kirk!

Jalna, yup :)

it was K!

Take care everyone :)