Tuesday, February 16, 2016

cafe minatuki

lunch❤︎  #カフェミナツキ #池田 #大阪 #cafeminatuki #ikeda #osaka #latergram Satoshi's German class finished its semester the other week, so he's on break until March or so...

Saturday, we checked out Cafe Minatuki.

I had been here with my friend, Hiromi.

This was my first time trying their lunch.

Unfortunately, they don't have many choices on the weekend, just their plate lunch...870 yen (tax included).

A salad, cake salé (savory type), quiche and a creamy spinach soup.

This was perfect for me but too little for Satoshi.

After lunch, we checked out their gallery on the 2nd floor.

I hope to check out their lunch again during the weekdays.


jalna said...

Looks perfect for me too. Love that cool-looking plate!

KirkK said...

That does look a bit "too light" for Satoshi!

K and S said...

the plates were cool, Jalna :)

most time "cafe food" is a bit too little for Satoshi, Kirk :)

Take care.