Monday, February 15, 2016

salon du chocolat, valentine's and other stuff

tasting : marou vietnamese tien giang 70%, fijiana cacao christmas island sea salt nib & marlieu fruit tablette❤︎ #chocolate #marou #fijiana #marlieu #osaka #japan In the past, Salon du Chocolat was staggered from Tokyo, moving on to Kyoto and then to other regions of Japan.

This year it was held all at one time and Salon du Chocolat in Osaka was held in the Lucua Hall area...super teeny!

By the time I went to check it out, a couple of days after it had started, most of the French chocolatiers had sold out...

I did manage to pick up a 70% dark chocolate bar by Marou. They grow their cacao in Vietnam. The cacao for this bar was grown in Tien Giang. It was quite fruity.

Fijiana Cacao, I found at Sony Plaza. They use cacao grown in Fiji. This particular bar had Christmas Island Sea Salt and nibs. This was a dark milk chocolate and also very fruity.

Chocolaterie de Marlieu was another bar I found at Salon du Chocolat, they have been in business since 1906. This tablette was filled with orange peel, raisins and freeze dried raspberries. It wasn't noted, but I think this was a dark chocolate.

le chocolat de h's ecuador soft serve❤︎  #阪急百貨店 #大阪 #lechocolatdeh #softserve #osaka #japan Overall though, I think the place that had the best assortment of chocolates was Hankyu Department store.

They not only had a whole area for chocolate bars, but they also had areas for soft serve.

We tried Le Chocolat de H's ecuador soft serve...delicious with the nibs sprinkled on top.

pierre marcolini's blanc matcha soft serve...was a bit "soupy"  #pierremarcolini #softserve #osaka #japan #阪急百貨店 #大阪 Pierre Marcolini's Blanc Matcha was a bit too soft almost soupy.

The matcha was intense though.

happy valentine's❤︎gave hubs this special version of pocky  #pocky #sharehappi #japan #valentines For Valentine's I gave Satoshi these Pocky. They came out with 10 different sayings.

This particular Pocky was super thin and I gave him one that said "thanky"

Hope you had a nice Valentine's.


Rowena said...

glad you got the Marou! we went to salon du chocolat milano yesterday (the last day of the event), and it wasn't crowded at all. we were only interested in bars, 70% or higher, and the best vendors, imho, were the foreign ones. Akessons had some great ones flavored with different pepper spices that we splurged on! also got the Marou tasting set that included a range of 70+ percentages. for the 2x10€ entry fee (and that was an early bird discount from buying months ago online), I felt it was too much, especially since the only japanese vendor (VanillaBeans, I think), pulled out sometime between when I had already purchased the tickets and when the complete list of vendors were up online. I was so disappointed because I love their website!

anyhoo, if we ever do salon du chocolat again, it will only be in Paris!

Rowena C. said...

saw your comment and wondered how much did you pay for your Marou? the mini-bars we got are 24g size and were 3.50€ each, and they also had the larger 80g bars for 7.50€

K and S said...

The bar I bought was 80g @ 1242 yen (tax included)...dunno what that would be in euros though, Rowena...

Take care.

K said...

Mmm, looks so good!

K and S said...

Thanks K :) it was good.

Take care.