Thursday, February 25, 2016


cat cafe❤︎  #minoo #osaka #japan #ハコネコ #箕面 #大阪 Sunday, we checked out Haconeco-do, a relatively new cafe near the Hankyu Sakurai station.

In Japan, there are cat cafes, dog cafes even owl cafes.

From what I understand, cat cafes are where the cafe owner's cats are roaming around inside the cafe.

Dog cafes are usually cafes that you can bring your dog with you to.

Owl cafes are like cat cafes where the owner has an owl (or two) around...

Anyway, we visited Haconeco-do and it is a cat cafe.

While the atmosphere of the place was laid back, this place was EXPENSIVE...1200 yen for two cups of coffee and 300 yen for a teeny doughnut...

Dunno that we'll be back soon.

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Minoo, Osaka


KirkK said...

That is expensive Kat! We saw a owl café in Kobe and the prices looked outrageous.

Rowena said...

yep, way too much for coffee and a something that only tickles your stomach.

K and S said...

Kirk, we have an owl cafe in Osaka, wonder how the prices are...

crazy expensive, Rowena :p

Take care you two.