Tuesday, March 21, 2017

rainy day project

My grandma gave us 6 zabuton (cushion used when you sit on the floor) when we moved to Japan.

The innards are quite flat, not "poofy" like the zabuton you see here in Japan.

I think it may be due to the type of filling that my grandma used to use.

After asking my aunties about changing the filling, I bought 2 zabuton from MUJI and they are "really poofy".

My grandma's filling is about an inch or two thick, while the MUJI one is 4 or 5 inches thick...

Anyway, after channeling my grandma & mom (both were great at sewing) and "squeezing" the MUJI zabuton in, I was able to change it...whew!

Instead of buying 6 zabuton all at once, I decided to try with just 2...now I know I can do this and will go back and pick up 4 more.

Thanks Grandma & Mom.


Rowena said...

I love the color (that blue!) and pattern design of your cushions.

jalna said...

Great job!!

Jo said...

I think zabuton used to be a lot flatter in the past, or maybe they just got flatter with age ? I wanted to bring some zabuton back to Victoria last year , so looked at them at Muji and other stores - they were all surprisingly " poofy " .More like cushions really . Anyway , I did not buy any of the " puffy " zabuton, as they would have taken up all of my suitcase space. I did end up bringing 2 zabuton back to Canada - a friend gave me some of her old ones. He mother - in - law taught Ikebana and their house is full of unused zabuton , all of them of the old , flat kind.
They are not as pretty as yours , but still really comfy to sit on .

K and S said...

I just realized I have 3 blue and 3 creme colored ones Rowena :p

Thanks Jalna!

I thought the MUJI store would put the zabuton into a plastic bag and suck the air out, Jo :( nope...we had to lug the 2 we bought home on the train...boy, am I glad I didn't try to buy 6 all at once :p

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

Nice work Kat!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

Take care!