Monday, June 26, 2017


Have you tried 551 Horai?

Everyone in Osaka calls them 551(pronounced go-go-itchy) and I only tried them recently.

Silly me...I had thought they were the same as the nikuman (knee-coo-mahn, literally meat buns) sold at the convenience store...gasp!

551's steamed pork bun is a little sweet and thicker on the outside than the ones in the convenience stores, more like the steamed manapua (char siu bao) we have in Hawaii.

The inside filling is like pork hash and it is super juicy.

It comes with a packet of mustard and during the summer a packet of ponzu (citrus soy sauce) (I have only used the ponzu, so don't know what exact type of mustard is given).

Apparently, you can only find 551 in the Kansai area, so there are always lines to get them as omiyage (souvenir).

They hand fill and steam each bun on site, so you know everything is made fresh.

551 calls their pork filled buns, butaman (boo-tah-mahn literally pork buns) NOT nikuman, so try not to make a mistake when ordering...

They also sell shumai (pork hash) as well as other items at their kiosks.

There are many 551 Horai restaurants around the Kansai area too.

I want to try their char siu man (buns filled with sweet red char siu, like manapua), but need to visit their main store in Namba.

If you have tried 551, what items do you enjoy from them?


jalna said...

Hmmmmm . . . interesting!

Jo said...

The best butaman I have ever had ! Always get them when I am in Osaka ! The mustard they come with is Karashi - the spicy Japanese mustard and are really good with it . To be honest I can not remember if I ever had them with ponzu .When I lived in Osaka , I never felt like eating them in the summer and now I only can visit in January .

KirkK said...

Looks nice and fluffy Kat!

K and S said...

you should try Jalna :)

I know I won't be eating any this summer Jo (too hot!) but they were nice when it was a bit chilly & rainy! Thanks for telling me what kind of mustard it was :)

hope you get a chance to try them Kirk :)

Take care everyone!