Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Saturday, it was so brutally humid.

Still, we wanted to check out the fireflies, so we made our way to Minoo Falls.

Before heading out onto the trail, we stopped into Cafe de Crie for something cold...

Satoshi had a coffee float (iced coffee with vanilla ice cream)

And I got this...a bright bluish greenish mint chocolate drink...loved how it had bits of chocolate in it as well as that thick chocolate drizzle on top.

We only saw a handful of fireflies, and even though it was humid it was nice to be out and about and I'm glad we made it home before the rain.


Anonymous said...

aside from cool/cold drinks, what else do you do for the humidity? Those ice wipes from Gatsby, do you use these? I kind of like those. But most of the "cooling" products seem to be for dry heat, not humidity, so seem ineffective, or so I found out when I went to Kyushu one August. I also froze water bottles and wrapped them in tenugui to roll on my neck and also sip the melting ice water. Even went to daiso to buy those little battery fans that you can hang around your neck, and collected every uchiwa I could.
Would appreciate any more ideas so I might be able to brave the humidity if the opportunity arises again! (It was a reverse charter on Hawaiian for something like $480 RT....Some tour company booked an obon season charter from Hakata to Honolulu so we got the seats bring the plane over to pick them up and back. Always wondered if they made money on that because never saw something like that after).

K and S said...

I try to stay in a/c and not move around too much V (LOL)...I don't use those sheets, but did try the "cool" deodorant spray and it really is cool when it goes on, but then 5 minutes later you feel all wet..gah! man, if you can come back for $480 RT (or less) go for it, humidity or not...

Take care!

jalna said...

$480 RT!! Ho, that V . . . she knows how!

Rowena said...

when you say brutally humid, I don't even wanna try to imagine that - ugh! but as far as the fireflies go, at what time did you go to see them? we have to wait until it's twilight or darker to see their glow, so for us it's much later in the evening since the days are longer. our neighbor abandons his lawn for months at a time so the fireflies love hanging out at his place in the tall grass.

K and S said...

she really does Jalna!

when you come visit Rowena, don't come in summer...we went to see the fireflies at about 8-ish (For us that 8-ish is pretty dark). I think it is cool your neighbor has a firefly hangout in his yard!

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Yikes....keep cool! No wonder everyone tells me to not visit Japan in the summer.

K and S said...

you have been warned Kirk :)

Take care.