Sunday, June 25, 2017

a-ha moment

I think every once in awhile, we all have an a-ha moment.

Recently while Satoshi and I were talking about ika (squid), he was saying that there were activists against the way that squid was killed the minute it was caught so that it could maintain the freshness of the squid.

Which got us to talking about how veggies may even have "life", so would it be wrong to "kill" them too?

And then I mentioned how when we say "itadakimasu" before eating, it is to let the food know that we are receiving their lives.

That is when the a-ha moment hit Satoshi, you should've seen his face light up.

All his life he thought that "itadakimasu" just meant, "thank you for the meal", and "thank you to the person who made it".

Afterwards, I let him read my post about itadakimasu & gochisoosama.

He was quite impressed that I knew this, and now I'm glad he knows this too...


jalna said...

I've been watching a lot of NHK food programs lately and I like that the people say "itadakimasu" before eating. I've been wanting to get into the habit myself, but I always only remember after I've already started eating. Hahaha!

K and S said...

guess you could just say it when you remember, Jalna, better late than never :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

I can only imagine the look on Satoshi's face when he went "a-ha!"

K and S said...

you would've enjoyed seeing is face light up, Rowena:)

Take care!