Thursday, June 01, 2017


The price of butter is supposed to go up today.

I really haven't been buying butter in bulk (or baking) because of this.

Since "my stash" in the freezer was starting to run low though, I decided to get a box before the price went up.

eep! They decreased the amount of grams...from 200 to 150!

The grams have probably been decreased for some time now, I just either forgot that this was what happened or hadn't bought a box in a really long time.

sigh...I can only shudder that more bakeries will switch over to margarine because of this.


jalna said...

I forgot that Japan has problems with butter shortages from time to time.

Anonymous said...

then the price of guns go down. sorry, I couldn't resist, econ 101 some 40+ years ago!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! To think I forgot an unopened box of butter in my hotel mini fridge when I was in Sapporo last year. Lucky for the hotel maid, though, I guess. I know you will find creative substitutes such as coconut oil or avocado when you next feel like baking and the results will be delish! Good luck.

RY said...

Whenever I used to travel to the US or Canada from Japan, I'd bring back as much butter as I could. During summer I would just freeze it and wrap it in newspaper so it wouldn't get too soft on the way back to Japan!

Rowena said...

I bet the italian and french restaurants are gonna feel the pinch in their risottos and pastries! that's awful!

K and S said...

sometimes Jalna, Japan creates these types of problems, especially when they start throwing excess stuff out...

gads, I hope we don't have guns here V, not supposed to anyways...

eep Anon!

good idea for winter, RY, I wouldn't trust it staying frozen during summer.

indeed Rowena :O

Take care everyone!