Wednesday, June 21, 2017

coin lockers

I haven't used a coin locker in awhile now, and was amazed at how high tech they are now.

You can pay for the locker with an IC card now. Apparently IC stands for Integrated Circuit.

In Japan these IC cards are popularly used to pay for train fares as well as for shopping and meals in many train stations.

I'm glad they had an "English" button to explain things too (I think they also had Korean & Chinese choices too).

I thought having the crab on my receipt was a nice reminder as to where I had left my bags.

Have you used coin lockers in Japan? How was your experience using them?


KirkK said...

We use these all the time when in Japan Kat. They are easy to use and secure. Our only problem is finding them when we return, so I take photos. And sometimes you have to go to a couple of places to find available ones. We use our Suica Card for these all the time. Wish things were so convenient here in the states.

jalna said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I've never tried using an IC card for the lockers, just coins. They are really so convenient, either way and always amazed at the sizes available too!
Even at the airports, we put our carry-ons and jackets in lockers so we can wander around all the shops and restaurants without having to lug everything around.

K and S said...

except for not being able to find them, I'm glad your experience has been nice Kirk :)

it is Jalna :)

I try to check my bags in to the airlines before going holo-holo, V :)

Take care everyone.