Friday, June 09, 2017


Rainy season started Wednesday and it rained

Tuesday night though, we had this...globe zucchini stuffed with pearl barley, quinoa, parmesan and a tomato meat sauce.

I had seen others cooking with this type of zucchini online but this was my first time to actually find it at the market and try cooking with this.

I wasn't too sure if the ones I found were large or small...but think it was quite large.

This year, we sure have had been lucky with bambucha (huge), here and here.

I hope to come across these again at the market...

Have you cooked with this type of zucchini before? How did you cook them?


jalna said...

Ho, that looks so good!

Rowena said...

I've cooked them before (stuffed with whatever) and they make eating zukes a different experience for the eyeballs. we had quite a bit of rain too which I am grateful for, but now it's back to fighting the weeds.

K and S said...

thanks, was ono Jalna!

it is indeed a great way to eat them Rowena!

Take care you two.