Thursday, June 22, 2017


So, I doctored the ume jam up.

I decided to use the formula I use when I make yuzu marmalade which is 1 : 1 (fruit to sugar)...

As I was measuring out the sugar, I ran out...and it was raining cats and dogs yesterday, so I just made do with what sugar I had.

Luckily, it was about 80% of the amount I needed...

We tasted the jam this morning, it is tart but not sour.

I'm glad I was able to save this, it would be a shame if I had to throw it out.

NOTES: next time I'll taste the fruit...and decide what percentage of sugar to add, instead of just relying on the recipe given.


jalna said...

Glad you were able to salvage it!

K and S said...

me too Jalna :)

Take care!

R Y said...

I bet it would still have been a delicious base for a beverage, like yuzu-cha. Then you could have still added additional sweetener as you used it!

K and S said...

Thanks Rona! I think you may have been right!

Take care.

KirkK said...

Nice recovery Kat!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

Take care.