Thursday, August 09, 2018

supermarket finds

Can I share a secret with you?

If you want to know at what stage of the season the fruits or veggies are in Japan, look at where it was grown.

For example you will see most fruit & veggies start from Kyushu (where it is technically warmer) then make its way up all the way to Hokkaido.

Of course, there are some fruits and veggies that are only grown in certain areas of Japan, so this tidbit wouldn't apply.

Anyway, these peaches which were grown in Fukushima Prefecture which means that the peach season is nearing the end.

These blueberries were grown in Nagano, so I think the season is also coming to an end.

We'll try these in the coming days, hopefully they won't disappoint.

UPDATE: the peaches were on the firmer side but sweet and delicious. The blueberries were a little tart but delicious too.


Anonymous said...

Good to know. Too bad we can't get them here. we JUST have sweet pineapples, mangoes, mountain apples, lychee and I love longan (dragon eyes), hehehe.
I finally found sweet tomatoes! They are from a place in Kamuela on the Big Island and called Keiki Toms. Costco has been selling them. The first batches I found were a little on the tart side but I guess into full season now so they are so sweet! Yipppeeee!!!
Ho Farms out in Kahaluu sells multicolored grape tomatoes but out of a container, only 3 or 4 are really sweet. The rest are nothing special so I stopped buying them.

K and S said...

The fruits grown in Hawaii cannot be beat V especially when they come from friends yards :) Thanks again for sharing the avocado, was so good!

Take care.

jalna said...

Good to know!! And now I gonna look for Keiki Toms at Costco!

Rowena said...

it's funny how that over here, the country of origin will tell you what's in season. Spain definitely is the first country to have anything. Holland is another country that puts out produce, but I'm guessing it's from greenhouses.

K said...

Good to know! I've been buying peaches at the farmers' market the past few weeks and they're delicious right now!

KirkK said...

We always enjoy eating seasonally....a thing a lot of folks here don't have a clue about.

K and S said...

Hope you can find the Keiki Toms Jalna!

That is interesting Rowena!

Definitely peaches are delicious here now too, K :)

I agree seasonal eating is a good thing, Kirk :)

Take care everyone.