Sunday, August 05, 2018

this and that

Random things...Bringing back a family sized bag of PB M & M's and 3 fun sized bags of PB Snickers.

This "should" last me until me next summer.

Kinda bummed that Lion Coffee changed their bags from the one on the left to the one on the right.

I'm biased because I used to work at Lion back in the day, but to me the bag on the right looks really cheap.

Lunch at Haleiwa Joe's with Aunty Merle.

The asian slaw could've been marinated more, but it was nice spending some time with my Aunty...Thank you Aunty!

Wun Tun Min with BFF Wen at Shiro's.

Simple and delicious saimin...Thank you Wen.

Crab Cake Salad at Nico's Pier 38 with relatives.

This was tasty but I thought the plating was kinda sad the middle of a huge plate of spinach was this one lonely crab cake with some halved cherry tomatoes scattered on the edges.

Two or three teeny crab cakes and/or maybe a different kind of greens and/or variation of more veggies would've made this look more appetizing to the eyes...Thank you Uncle and Aunty!

Care package from Mich & K. (Thank you!)


Kalin's Mommy said...

Your welcome, nice that you were able to spend so much time with family! Looking forward to your new blogs in Tokyo! Mich and K

K and S said...

Thanks again Mich & K :) hope to catch up with you two next summer!

Take care.

Alan said...

Kat: A question please. You posted that you ate at Haleiwa Joe's. I assume it was the Haiku Gardens location? If so, do you think their menu and food is similar to the old Haiku Gardens of years ago? Somebody said it was and I wanted to check since I loved the old Haiku Gardens. I ate at the Haleiwa Joe's in Haleiwa, and I thought the food was mediocre at best and pretty much touristy. Please let me know.

K and S said...

Sorry Alan, I've never eaten at the Haiku Gardens location. I really don't think I've ever been to Haiku Gardens either...eep! The food at Haleiwa Joe's in Haleiwa was touristy and so-so.

Take care!

Alan said...

Hi Kat: Thanks for the reply. I looked carefully at the Haiku Gardens location's menu and it looks similar to the Haleiwa menu too. So I can't imagine it is even close to the old Haiku Garden's menu and taste. Being an expat Kamaaina who returns home every year for a one week vacation, I am having trouble finding places to eat that are good, and "old school". Most of my old time favorite Cantonese restaurants are gone. My favorite buffet places like Pagoda and Willows now have bad food, and even those old pig-out places that I loved like Perry Boy's Smorgy and Flamingo Chuck Wagon are long gone. You are too young to even remember or gone to some old favorites (food not so good, but plenty to eat) like The Waikiki Sands (buffet).

K and S said...

Sorry that your favorites are no longer around Alan. I hope you will still continue to visit Hawaii and maybe find some new places to enjoy.

Take care.

Rowena said...

that new design for Lion Coffee is just plain awful, wth?

KirkK said...

Why did Lion Coffee change their was sorta iconic.....

K and S said...

agreed Rowena :p

apparently they wanted to "modernize" the design, Kirk...

Take care you two.