Friday, August 03, 2018

(yet more) danshari

I donated more things to my mom's church.

Like all these stuffed animals...

Did you have these Koala Me thingies? (top right picture)

They could cling on to things...

And my Hello Kitty "collection"...I think these were from Happy Meals.

Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel.

I know I've written here that I wasn't much of a Hello Kitty fan, guess I was mistaken...oops!

I don't remember if I had to eat separate Happy Meals to get the pair, or if they came together for one Happy Meal...krazy yeah?!

I loved them because they were dressed up in different cultural (bridal?) costumes.

Not all of these Hello Kitty dolls were in pairs though (if you know what year these were from, don't say it out loud, don't want anyone to know how old I am...)

I hope the ones that have pairs will be sold together.

And I hope all will find good homes.


K said...

The Hello Kitty dolls are too cute! I hope they find good homes!

Rowena said...

definitely remember the koala clip ons...I used to put one on my ponytail!

K and S said...

I hope so too K!

Aw that must've been so cute Rowena!

Take care you two.

jalna said...

Hello Kitty has a boyfriend?!!!!

KirkK said...

Wow, what a collection.

K and S said...

Jalna, she does!

Thanks Kirk :)

Take care you two.