Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Saturday I made some mac nut pesto using the carrot tops that I had kept in the freezer from that time we ordered veggies from Suzunari Farm.

The carrot tops are bitter but delicious in this pesto. (afterwards, an IG friend mentioned that I should blanche the tops before using to cut the bitterness, thank you!)
Am thinking to use the rest of this pesto with some pasta.

I made the same dough that I used for pizza back in May.

Since the dough was really wet and sticky the last time, I added the water in a little at a time, and ended up using less than what the recipe had listed.

In Elle Gourmet, besides pizza, they also suggest that you use the milk bread dough to make beignets.  So instead of filling them with jam like they suggest, I just fried them up plain and we ate them like savory doughnuts with the pesto and oil sardines.

And since I was frying, I fried up some shrimp chips that I have had in my pantry for ages.

These were so light and fluffy!

We saved two to dip into dark chocolate for ono!
Since the weather is so hot, will definitely think of another way to use this milk bread recipe.

p.s. Yesterday, most of the Kanto (East Japan) areas hit 40C (104F)...the humidity brings the temps up 10 degrees!

We've been sleeping with the a/c on...can you believe July only had 1 day of sun? Looks like Mother Nature is trying to play catch-up in August.

Stay cool, stay hydrated and stay safe!


jalna said...

Wow, everything looks good!!

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna, hope you are doing well :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

looks good Kat! I checked the weather in Tokyo last night and it looks super hot; so keep cool1

K and S said...

totally under the broiler Kirk...hope it is cooler where you are!

Take care.

Rowena said...

Kat you FRIED something?!?! I know I've read on your blog somewhere that it's not something that you like to do, so this is news!

K and S said...

I know Rowena, but was craving doughnuts :) I was hoping for snow after frying but no such luck :(

Take care.