Friday, June 02, 2023

this and that

Comme'N's daily cream pan...this is their bostock using cake brioche with custard sandwiched in!
I noticed that the grandpa that lives in the house in front of our apartment building, put solar panels on his van!

Wondering what he will do with his stored electricity...
"Let's go surf you can't catch coronavirus when you are surfing"
I would totally fall if I wore these foam sandals...
These irridescent items are trending here.
Tried a new (to me) watermelon called "cream", it is grown in Kumamoto, it is sweet.

Gonna try to make watermelon feta salad with some of it.

My photos uploaded wonky again.

Tried the G Baguette from Comme'N.

G stands for Gunma, the prefecture of the chef that owns this bakery is from.

Their baguettes are always delicious!

The proscuitto camembert (and a little butter) sandwich from Comme'N was delicious too.

The bread was a foccacia type with prunes, and other dried fruits and nuts in it.
Saw this oldie being taken somewhere.

Wednesday, I found “her” in a different part of the shopping arcade...they have an election coming up this Sunday so the place that she usually is at must've been too noisy for her...

I think the blood orange seeds that I planted back in February are finally growing...

Yesterday, I went to check out the hydrangeas at Yogenji

And at Myokendo

This weekend we are waiting for Typhoon #2 (Mawar) to pass, hopefully we'll be able to get out and about on Sunday because I only stocked up for Thursday to Saturday.

Hoping everyone in Okinawa will stay safe and there will not be too much damage.

Have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

that looks like an MG! Old MG!
I've planted seeds from a yuzu, dekopon and they are growing but not fruiting yet. I think years to go. I planted seeds from my neighbor's tangello (?) that was soooo sweet and that's not supposed to have seed (like a dekopon) but when we found seeds, I planted them. It finally fruited this year and OMG!!! It was like eating a lemon! bleech!
all those breads and sandwiches look so good!

jalna said...

That cream pan in the first photo 😳!

K and S said...

V, I think the internet said that it would take 8 to 12 years for it to become a tree and not to eat the fruit for the first two years...or something like that.

Jalna, it was so ono! I was gonna share, but ended up not :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Wow the cake brioche with custard looks amazing. First time seeing something like this. The caramel color reminds me of banana bread. Does it contain spices or brown sugar? How was the custard part? I love custard, especially if it's made from scratch with eggs and not from a mix.

K and S said...

no banana in there Anon, it is like a moist cake but with yeast and lots of butter in it :) the custard was firm and I think homemade.

Take care.

KirkK said...

Nice looking baguette Kat! Do they do all their baguettes "bien cuite" - that is well cooked and dark brown?

K and S said...

Kirk, unlike France they don't sell them according to how they are baked, so I'm not too sure.

Take care.