Friday, June 09, 2023

this and that

So…She was originally near a sushi shop at the far end of the shopping arcade, this was near the rotary and noisy whenever there is an election or event.

I think she got shooed away from this spot because she's been here & the sushi shop put all of their bicycles to block her out

Caught this furry one sleeping...but wondering how it got up so high
Tried the taco rice from Cock-a-hoop, not sure what the name of the shop means because the Japanese they use for the shop name is "Cook-a-hoop"

The taco rice had lots of fried onions on top, and wasn't spicy

I felt it was missing something but just couldn't put my finger on what it was.

The taco rice was 880 yen (tax included) plus 100 yen for the takeout container.

I want to try their tacos, I'll be back.


4-20-3 Kamata

Ota, Tokyo

Closed Wednesdays

Hours: 11:30-21:00 

And just as I was talking about Kanto and the rainy season, Kanto (East Japan) started their rainy season yesterday!

It’s been raining since last night so hopefully there won’t be too much damage in the same areas as last weekend.

Have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

i don't see cheese on the taco rice and the hamburger doesn't look taco-y enough, LOL. now i want to eat taco rice too.

jalna said...

I'm so curious about the TikToker gal.

Anonymous said...

Kat I'm so curious to know what that women does or is doing outside.
I did notice on this trip to Japan that most retail stores charged 2-3 yen for a bag , which is very reasonable. Ten years ago our first trip to Japan almost every shop would have their own cute paper handle bags with their logo or design on them. And if you bought multiple omiyagi they ask if you wanted a bag for each to give with. Well....sign of the times I guess.
Have a great weekend.
Bonny OGG

Rowena said...

I think this could be the year of the rain for many places, including us. I remember how it was the total opposite last year (hot, dry and no rain) - weird weather.

K and S said...

There was cheese on the rice V, but needed something else in the meat I think...

If I find out more, will definitely report, Jalna :)

Yes Bonny, they changed giving bags to charging you for bags

Rowena, there is this other thing that people are talking about called "winds of India", it is gonna be broiling this summer with lots of rain type disasters...eep

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

Man, that woman is so strange Kat!

K and S said...

I wonder what type of social media she is on, Kirk.

Take care.