Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The pumpkin bar (bottom) that I bought in Hokkaido by Ishiya, was so-so, the chocolate bloomed and the taste was kind of weak except for the pumpkin seeds. There were a LOT of pumpkin seeds in the bar, which I really enjoyed. I think I'll use the black chocolate (top) for some kind of dessert.

I found this dark chocolate crunchy hazelnut bar made by Kim's Chocolates, a Belgian candy maker, while roaming the aisles at a import shop. The chocolate is very creamy and the hazelnut filling is kind of like a praline, but not so sticky that it sticks to your teeth.

Another chocolate that I found was Goldkenn's mini gold bar, a Swiss milk chocolate bar, creamy hazelnut-milk chocolate with sliced almonds...delicious!

This chocolate is produced in collaboration with Van Houten by Glico and is called "Dear cacao".

A 57% cacao tablet type of chocolate. Not too sweet and a little bitter.

Hope you are enjoying the week.

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