Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sometimes things don't turn out...

Sometimes what I make doesn't always turn out as planned. I had planned to make okara hamburger patties for dinner tonight. Well, it turned out more like a meatloaf. The patties got slightly burnt, then fell apart, it was a mess! I debated whether they were salvageable and then to make matters worse, I smashed them up to cook them well. I added the sauce that the recipe calls for... It doesn't look too good but tastes good. Will post the recipe when I succeed.

On a happier note, Meiji recently came out with a new version of their Kinokonoyama. I've posted about this candy before here. This time they teamed up with one of Japan's famous pastry chefs, Toshi Yoroizuka. I wanted to visit his boutique the last time I was in Tokyo, but didn't get a chance to. The base of the candy is a biscuit made to resemble the taste of a traditional Belgian treat called speculaas. It is has a nice cinnamon flavor. The "mushroom cap" is divided into two parts, the top part is a 72% cacao and the bottom a bitter chocolate. Delicious!


Samantha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Don't you just hate it when that happens, glad it tases good. I think I want to visit Japan just for all the yummy goodies. We went to a Japanese Festival this year and got some fun candies. My favorites were a chocolate covered coffee beans. Yum.

K and S said...

Your blog is so nice, Samantha! Yes, I hate when dishes don't turn out, but live and learn! :)
It is so nice that they have Japanese festivals where you are. Good way to spread the culture.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

When things don't turn out as I hope, I get really grumpy. I was going to make tofu patties to make hamburger (a long time ago), and it was all fallen apart. I never tried that dish again. :)

K and S said...

Hi Sue,

I'm thinking to try this again sometime next week. I realized that I forgot to add an ingredient and that's why it was so dry.

Take care.