Thursday, November 30, 2006

foodie books

With all the foodie book information I pick up from all the food blogs I read, my U. S. Amazon wish list is getting bigger and bigger by the minute...

Earlier this year, my brother and I were chatting about it, and he suggested I check out Japan's Amazon. So, I've been slowly buying from Japan Amazon. With the yen-dollar exchange rate and the books that I want, sometimes buying American books from Japan's Amazon is not very reasonable in fact, it is sometimes more expensive.

On top of that, the airlines started restricting the baggage weight to 50 lbs, so maybe paying a little extra for the books that I want to be delivered directly to my home, may actually be a good thing. So, I calculated and figured out the difference of yen-dollars. Here are some of the books that I've bought...

"The Accidental Foodie", this book wasn't available on the U.S. Amazon, but I was able to get it at the Japan one.

"La Dolce Vita", if you are a chocolate lover, this book is definitely for you. I was able to get the paperback version on the Japan Amazon, only the hardcover version is available on the U.S. Amazon.

Here's what I've bought recently but haven't gotten around to reading...."Like Water for Chocolate"

"Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light"

"Slow Food: The case for taste"

"The Chocolate Connoisseur"

"In My Mother's Kitchen"

"Dangerous Tastes"

"Bread and Chocolate"

"The Book of Salt"

Lots of delicious reading to do...


Brilynn said...

I think Amazon drains my bank account more than any other source... Those are some great books you've picked up.

Anonymous said...

There is definitely a nice selection for me in your list!

K and S said...

Thanks Brilynn and Bea!

Glad to hear I've added some books to your wish lists :)

Take care.


Barbara said...

Great books Kat. I loved the movie Like Water form Chocolate and would like to read the book someday.

K and S said...

Hi Barbara,

Thank you, I didn't realize there was a movie for this book. I guess I should seek it out. :)

Take care.


Jann said...

what a wonderful selection of books...great reading!

Anonymous said...

Great books, Kat!

The Chocolate Nerd said...

I've been looking for a good Soup Cookbook. Perfect for this time of year. Is this one any good?

K and S said...

Thank you Jann and Ivonne.

Hi Imani,

"The Little Book of Soup" is a very nice book filled with all types of soups. Plus part is donated to homeless organizations in England.

Take care everyone!