Saturday, January 18, 2014


Sometimes Satoshi and I like to hang out at the Itami airport.

It isn't too far from where we live. Satoshi says he likes to go there just to "feel like he's going on a vacation".

Unlike most airports, this one is a great place to hang out because most of the shops and restaurants are outside of the security area.

A large observation deck on the rooftop is a great place to watch the planes land and take off.

There is a large interior shop which we like to ooh and aah over their furniture that will probably never fit into our apartment.

And I loved this cute planter that was outside of a garden shop there too.

Are you able to hang out at your airport?


Rowena said...

yes, but ours (Malpensa, Linate) lacks character so....

jalna said...

So so so so cute, you guys!!!!

K said...

How cute! I love the idea of going there to hang out - usually I'm just confined to my gate area and worried about the departure times to actually enjoy anything.

K and S said...

Rowena :(

thanks Jalna :)

too bad more airports aren't open like this one K :)

Take care everyone!