Friday, January 10, 2014

salarymen pride

Did you know Japanese salarymen (business men) have pride? I call it "stupid pride".

They refuse to wear their coats when they go out for lunch. Hands stuck deep into their pants pockets they run across the streets to eat lunch shivering all the way, no jacket on, just their dress shirts.

When the temperature was changing between Fall and Winter, I suggested to Satoshi that he wear his coat to work.

He said, "it's too early in the season to", who said?

I told him, "but if you're cold, you should wear something, otherwise you'll catch cold"

(and secretly I was also saying, "if you catch a cold then you'll give it to me....")

But nope..."stupid pride"

Right now, he wears thermals over his underwear, which tends to bunch up.

Not very nice when wearing a suit.

And then I told him about these boxers for men that have haramaki attached to them. Haramaki literally means stomach wrap.

I told him, if he got a pair he wouldn't have to wear the thermals over his underwear and it wouldn't feel so bulky under his suit.

He scoffed at me.

Still, I dragged him over the New Years break to the store and convinced him to buy a pair.

He wore it the other day and came home saying...

"Kat, this is the best thing ever!"

Guess who was laughing now...

It's Friday here, and a 3-day weekend.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.


jalna said...

Hahahaha, great story!

KirkK said...

Funny Kat! But pride is a part of most in "are you kidding me....I'm not wearing that!" Or "nah, no need..." LOL! Have a great weekend.

Rowena said...

Let's that makes Kat-1, Satoshi-0? I don't know if there were other "battles" that you either lost or won so maybe it's time to start keeping count.

K and S said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jalna :)

lol Kirk :)

I believe I won most Rowena ;)

Take care everyone.