Thursday, January 16, 2014


Yesterday was the 15th...apparently it was ichigo (strawberry) day.

15 in Japanese the number is literally ichi-go...a goro-awase (to use the sound of numbers in Japanese to make words from them) for strawberry.

I actually picked up these berries over the weekend at a fruit & veggie stand, they were bigger than the berries I had seen in the markets and a little pricier, but I loved the ruby red color and they tasted sweet too.

From December we start to see strawberries in the markets, they are grown in hothouses for the strawberry laden cakes at Christmas time.

The price of them slowly starts dropping after the New Year.

Are strawberries in season where you are?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kat - Winter is also strawberry time in Egypt. Egypt is the fourth largest producer of strawberries in the world.

Rowena said...

Not a chance, but I always see a few packages on the shelves, so somebody is growing them under cover in Italy. I've been seeing lots of blueberries though and I think they're from south america.

KirkK said...

Not for us Kat! Looks good though....

jalna said...

I looove to put strawberries in my salad.

K and S said...

wow JhgreenG!

I've seen blueberries from Chile, Rowena, probably the same place for you guys too?!

Thanks Kirk :)

nice Jalna :)

Take care everyone!

K said...

Very pretty!

K and S said...

and tasty K!

Take care.