Friday, January 31, 2014

canelé du japon

After having my latte at Streamers, I went to Canelé du Japon, as they are just down the street.

For winter they have two flavors, hazelnut (top) and secchu-carrot (right). Secchu is literally "in the snow". So this flavor is "carrots in the snow".

It's a good thing when you can actually taste what is supposed to be in there like carrots and hazelnuts.

I also got anzu (apricot(bottom)) and kurozato kurumi (black sugar walnut (left)), from their regular line-up of flavors.

I'm glad I got to try them again they didn't disappoint.

p.s. it's Chinese New Years today, "Kung Hee Fat Choy", if you're celebrating! and have a nice weekend.


KirkK said...

Happy Lunar New Year Kat! I hope you have a great weekend.

Lindsay-Jean said...

"carrots in the snow" -- too cute!

K said...

Yum I love caneles! Those flavors sound so intriguing!

K and S said...

you too Kirk :)

sometimes the translated names aren't too cute, glad this one was, LJ

hope you get a chance to try them next time you are in Osaka, K!

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

A canele shop just down the street...that would be such a dangerous thing for me. We WERE supposed to go into Milan for the chinese new year celebrations but with this rain, no way. Looking forward to drier days...

K and S said...

bummer you couldn't go to Milan, Rowena. Sending you some sun!

Take care!