Wednesday, September 14, 2022

meister toganeya

So...we used some of the liver pate for banh mi and we ate one of the linguica with rice and egg.

For our pupu party one night, I used one of the chorizo with some fried potatoes and onions.

The chorizo had just enough heat but doesn't totally burn your mouth off.

Instead of making aioli for the potatoes, I used the bits from the everything cashews and added it to the ono!

With the corned beef, I made corned beef and cabbage.

It wasn't as salty as the canned type but was still very flavorful and tender.

We had the salami with crackers and a soft cheese spread that had chives and garlic in it.

The salami was aged and so melt in your mouth!

The white sausage I served as breakfast since I read online that the white sausages "should not hear the noon church bells chime"

I read that it should also be served with sweetened mustard, so I mixed grainy mustard with some honey.

The casing are also supposedly not eaten, so we cut a slit and "rolled" them out to eat.

The soft pretzel I bought from Himmel, a bakery in Oookayama.

We still have some of the linguica, chorizo, pate and white sausage left, so we'll be eating this in the coming weeks.

I would definitely order from this shop again.


Rowena said...

ok I wonder what kind of story is behind the white sausages not having to hear the church bells at noon? what a feast!

Anonymous said...

me too. what's up with white sausage? I gotta google it.
Love all your presentations using your charcuterie. (except the liver pate, LOL)

K and S said...

Rowena & V, apparently, these white sausages are made without preservatives so needed to be eaten right away, which is why they should not hear the church bells at noon.

Take care you two.

jalna said...

Very, very cool!!

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

Weisswurst! That's awesome Kat. Makes me remember Munich.....where according to tradition Weisswurst should never be eaten after the bell chimes for noon. Traditionally, Weisswurst were made without preservatives fresh each morning, so they needed to be consumed before midday.

K and S said...

Thanks for the history Kirk :)

Take care!