Thursday, September 01, 2022

shine muscat and charcuterie

Over the weekend, Satoshi ordered Shine muscats from his friend.

He said he ordered 2 kilos but it looks like it might be more...with shipping and tax 4000 yen?! not sure how much since Satoshi ordered it...

I ordered a selection of sausages from Meister Toganeya, who makes their sausages in the German style.

I was particularly interested in their Linguica because I am always on the lookout for “portuguese sausage”.

I also ordered their corned beef, chorizo, weiƟwurst (white sausage), liver pate and salami…5590 yen (tax and shipping included).

Since this charcuterie maker does not use preservatives, I put almost everything into the freezer for us to enjoy with wine or breakfast in the coming weeks.

So far, we've had some of the liver pate as banh mi.

The maker suggest toasting the pate on baguette, so that is what I did, super flavorful and creamy!
And one of the linguica with rice and ono! the meat inside the casing is super tender and tastes similar to the portuguese sausage we have in Hawaii.

The weather has been in-between Fall and Summer, so it is hard to determine what to wear, whether to bring an umbrella or whether to turn on the ac.

I hope the weather is nice where you are.


jenny said...

Can I book a bed and breakfast at your place if and when I visit Japan? LOL

Anonymous said...

weather is warm and humid here too.
Those grapes!!! I wonder if they'll bring them here again too. but at twice the cost I bet!
the color of the linquica makes me wonder what kind of additives they're putting in our gouveia or redondo here. so red! Glad it tastes close.

We're getting closer to being able to go! I read there's an 80% chance of Japan opening up by November! Even though they got rid of the tour guide thing, there was confusion about furnishing your broad or specific it must be. I guess I'll wait another month before I panic. Woo Woo!

K and S said...

Jenny, like I tell everyone, if you don't mind sleeping standing up...

V, they got rid of the tour guide thing but you still gotta give them a detailed itinerary (I think).

Take care you two.

jalna said...

Everything looks so good, but mostly I wanna try those grapes!

Rowena said...

oooooh....liver pate in banh mi is so so good.

K and S said...

Definitely something to try when you come to Japan, Jalna :)

It really was Rowena!

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Oooh, love a good Weisswurst and pate Kat. Hope you like it!

K and S said...

So far everything we've tried is delicious, Kirk!

Take care!