Friday, September 30, 2022

this and that

Saw this egg separator on one of the ads in my Instagram feed... no one will ever eat egg whites again...ha!

Godiva collaborated with Lawson Convenience store and was selling these double chocolate dorayaki.

The pancake outsides are chewy like they have some mochiko in them.

The inside is chocolate cream and chocolate good!

Most time when you buy satsuma age (fishcake), the plastic wrap would go around the whole styrofoam tray.

I recently bought some and noticed they sealed the plastic onto the tray, so as to cut back the amount of plastic wrap they used.

Guess everyone is trying to do all they can to use less plastic these days.

The state funeral for the former Prime Minister on Tuesday was super somber especially in comparison to Queen Elisabeth’s.

What was first estimated to cost tax payers 200 million yen ($1.3 million) was supposed to go up to (maybe) 1.6 billion yen ($12 million) or more!…I think the people getting guesstimates for these things need to learn more about money especially when they are using taxpayer monies.

Peruvian avocados have been good lately! creamy and big!

My favorite snack these days...1/2 an apple, a little peanut butter and a piece of cheese.
My plants are going krazy indoors...the freesia 
The cyclamen, hard to see but there are 4 shoots going straight up, hoping the leaves come in soon....

In the blue pot is a freesia...
Good news! Fu/"who" was found by her family.

An office near our train station had her poster and the happy she was able to get back to her family.

Yet another typhoon heading our way, #18 (Roke)...eep

Have a safe weekend!


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of dorayaki but I think I would like this chocolate one. Sounds yummy!
LOL, I would get that egg separator as a gag gift for some people I know.
I've been seeing cyclamen in the stores again and debating whether to try again. You have a green thumb.

Anonymous said...

Egg white separator,OMG that's too funny!
Thanks for the laugh,
Bonny OGG

Rowena said...

I think your plants are going to get used to living the 'good life' indoors that they may not want to go outside again.

KirkK said...

I hate to see the "side of the separator" the yolks come out from Kat! ;o)

K and S said...

Hoping the cyclamen's leaves come in, V, it isn't looking too good though with only those shoots.

Glad I made you laught Bonny!

I hope the freesia will have flowers Rowena, right now it is only leaves...

lol Kirk :)

Take care everyone.

jalna said...

So funny that egg separator!!!

K and S said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jalna :)

Take care.