Sunday, April 14, 2024

sakura walk (kamata & ikegami)

Last Sunday started off overcast, Satoshi had an errand to run, so we met up afterwards.

I walked past Misono Shrine, the cherry blossoms have started to flutter here.

We went to check out the Hamazushi that I spotted from MOS, it is a smaller shop, but at the time that we went, we didn't have to wait for a table!

When we came out though, the line was krazy!

Still, we'll be back because this location is a little closer for us.

The weather was quite warm so after some grocery shopping, we had our first shave ice of the year...Tamaya is a shop from Imabari, Ehime and has been serving shave ice since 1903!

Satoshi had the milk seiki (sugar added to milk), I had the strawberry…1650 yen (tax included)

So delicious! the texture was similar to guri guri

Afterwards, we went home, put the groceries away then went up the street to Ikegami Honmonji

It was also Hanamatsuri, the Buddha's birthday, so we ladled some sweet tea over a tiny statue of the Buddha 
The sakura was in full bloom here and every one was out and about
It was supposed to be rainy, but turned out to be quite sunny, hot even 
Lots of walking and lots of eating.


KirkK said...

Lovely photos Kat! Never get tired of sakura!

K and S said...

Glad I am not boring you Kirk :)

Take care.