Friday, April 12, 2024

canned oden

Remember we bought these canned oden to try?

Well, we tried them...

The smaller can, had no soup in it and was kind of bland

There was a piece of konbu, chicken, konnyaku, quail egg and some kamaboko

The larger can, had soup and big "stuff" inside

I thought this one was more flavorful, plus it had more "stuff" in it.

We're happy we got to try these but agree that "fresh" oden is better.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if warming the oden up together would have helped.
I keep thinking I have to make oden because I figure if I load it up with konyakku, I would lose weight. You think, LOL

jalna said...

I was skeptical at first. But it looks good to me.

K and S said...

V, we warmed up both, the bigger can was better

Jalna, was skeptical too, the bigger can was better :)

Take care you two.