Wednesday, May 29, 2024


I saw the demolition truck and was sad that they were tearing down the house nearby.

I didn't see them move out and thought someone was still living there.

The people clearing the land were all foreigners and they worked quite quickly

It was kind of scary when they used the scoop thingy on the bulldozer though, you could feel our building shake every time, the scoop went into the ground...eep
This was how it looked on Thursday.

Sad they dug up the hydrangea, peach tree and maple tree in the front.

Tokyo People: can you see him?!

Friday, I noticed they indeed moved out but it looked like they only cleared the yard area

Sunday, we got a notice in the mail that they will indeed be tearing down the house.

For selfish reasons, I hope nothing big will be built here, don’t want it to block my sunrise views.


Anonymous said...

interesting how they only tore down part of the house first. The garage?
I'm always sad when trees have to be dug up.

jalna said...

Me too. Sad about the trees.

K and S said...

actually just the yard, they didn't have a garage, V

Jalna, really sad when the trees get dug up

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Man, the sad.

K and S said...

yeah Kirk :(

Take care.