Saturday, May 25, 2024

saying goodbye

We said goodbye and thank you to our carry on luggage.

Satoshi's wheel (left) disintegrated

Mine (right) had the start of a hole in the fabric near the handle that can go up and down

To get rid of them we needed to stick a 300 yen seal on each.

on a side note: I heard that a hotel in Tokyo is using the hard type suitcases that tourists leave behind, as planters...creative!


Anonymous said...

I just read about that hotel too! Regretting that it was too late because I dumped 3 large suitcases last year!
my carryon was falling apart too but Briggs and Riley has a lifetime guarantee but I had to send it back to get the replacement for broke zipper and crumbling wheels.

K and S said...

at least your brand would replace the zipper and wheels V! most places won't even look at it or think to fix it.

Take care.

KirkK said...

How long did those carry-ons last Kat? The Missus's Tumi has some major dents but is still rolling along.....I have a couple of carry-ons that I use depending on the situation....

K and S said...

Kirk, we think these are at least 20 years old

Take care.