Sunday, June 30, 2013

eat this...

It's the end of June...So many things eaten, so little time to blog about's what's what...

Pure Bar's Dark Chocolate Berry Bar, liked the chewiness and chocolati-ness of this. 18 Rabbits' Haute Diggity Date & Funky Fig & Cherries, both were delish!

Taegu on a plain musubi

Champions malasadas...nuff said.

Kristen's (in Waipahu) much!

Nanding's lup cheong good!

Chun Wah Kam's mini plate lunch...can feed several people actually.

Fried noodles, spicy minute chicken and long beans with beef...yum!

Ba-le's lemongrass chicken THAT's a sandwich!

Green smoothie (baby kale, baby chard, baby spinach, apple banana, blueberry yogurt and soy milk)...could've made this thinner but it was still delicious!

Coco Puffs from Liliha Bakery...yum!

Mochiko Chicken Musubi from Tanioka's...still huge and delicious.

Goteborg Musubi...tasty!

K's Bento, we've watch the price slowly go up and when we recently had them, we noticed they didn't have their corned beef hash patty in!

What are you enjoying these days?


Kathy YL Chan said...

OH MAN coco puff...def on the list of top 10 things I miss most when in NYC!! ^-^

Dennis K. said...


K and S said...

thanks Kathy & Dennis :)

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Man, that's some collection!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk, I hope we get a chance to meet up one day too!

Take care.

jalna said...


Rowena said...

Okay I'm jealous. Now I'll just go and console myself with some gelato.

K and S said...

it was Jalna :)

hope the weather is summery for you Rowena!

Take care you two.

K said...

Yum everything looks SO delicious!

K and S said...

Thanks K!

Take care.