Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Met up with blog friend, Genki Tummy. She recently moved back to Hawaii and wondered if I would be interested in meeting up.

We met at Mamaya, I think this shop recently opened in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center.

It is an okazuya/sozaiya type place which you can purchase pre-made bento or "make your own".

Similar to Japan, The "make your own" is weighed after you fill up your container of choice. But, is $7.75 per pound, so if you think your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, I would suggest going the pre-made route.

Genki and I had their mini poke bowls...each $5.75 + tax (this is something that Japan should start serving!).

She had the spicy ahi (yellow fin tuna) while I had the shoyu ahi (they also have an oyster sauce ahi poke). I thought these mini bowls were the perfect serving size, though Satoshi would probably disagree.

I had a nice time chatting with her and the poke bowl was delicious. (Oh, and you can choose multi-grain or white rice, I chose multi-grain and was impressed that there is no extra charge for the multi-grain rice...whoo!)

Genki was kind enough to share with us some Passion Fruit Jelly and Nisshodo mochi.

Besides sweet bean paste, did you know that Nisshodo has fillings like coconut & peanut butter? I didn't...so yummy!

It was so nice to put a face to the blog, and I hope she had a nice time too.

Thanks again Genki!


K said...

What a nice meetup, that bowl looks delicious!

K and S said...

it was great K :)

Take care.

Unknown said...

I'll probably check that place out next time I'm on that side!

If you're ever in Kailua area, I recommend Hibachi. They have really good variety of poke.

K and S said...

Thanks Dayna, will keep that in mind the next time I go that way :)

Take care.

Lauren said...

It was nice meeting up with you Kat! I had a great time. We will have to do it again some time!

Rowena said...

Great that you got to meet and I am envious of the food! Hope you'll be able to check out Dayna's suggestion too.

KirkK said...

Man, that looks good Kat!

K and S said...

Definitely Lauren :)

me too Rowena :)

Thanks Kirk :)

Take care everyone.