Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Always looking for a way to get my Mexican fix whenever I come back to Hawaii, I heard about Verde in Kaimuki.

Apparently they opened earlier this year and were recently featured on a foodie segment on the news.

I ordered the nachos which comes with tortilla chips, jack-cheddar cheese, pinto beans and pico de gallo...$7.75

I also added some guacamole ($1) and the steak and barbacoa ($1)

The meat was so moist and tender and I was pleased that there were actual "chunks" of meat.

I also chose their corn medley salsa which was corn, some red chile & chipotle. (I think chipotle is trending these days)

From the photo, it may look skimpy but it was very filling. Everything was fresh and delicious.

I also enjoyed their free lemon & lime water (which is on the counter), refreshing!

They open really early in the mornings and serve breakfast & lunch/dinner all day.

I'll be back.

Verde (UPDATE: 2018 closed)
3607 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.737.4700


K said...

Mmm, what a great variety of toppings!

Moodie Foodie said...

How funny. I go there once a week for their breakfast burrito (fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, choice of chorizo or bacon, and habanero salsa). It's one of my favorite breakfast places.

Rowena said...

Funny you should be getting your mexican fix right about the time I've been getting mine! There's a 20% discount this week at our fave supermarket on Old El Paso and a couple of other mexican food brands, and for not being the REAL thing, we were both happy to eat beef tacos the other night. Better stock up on more and remember to make mojito next time.

K and S said...

they were a nice variety K!

that is cool, Moodie Foodie!

ooh mojitos, Rowena, nice!

Take care everyone.